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We’re conveyancing lawyers who make buying a new home easier and quicker

Get ready to exchange contracts quickly

If you've had an offer accepted on an eligible freehold property, we can be ready for you to exchange contracts within four weeks of signing up with Juno. That’s four times faster than the current national average.

How our four-week conveyancing service works

You can use our four-week service when:

  • the seller of the property has already signed up with us for our four-week service
  • the property you're buying isn't a listed building, retirement home or on unregistered land

It's quick and easy to get started

  • Sign up online - it takes less than five minutes and we get to work right away
  • We'll assign you and the seller to different legal teams within Juno - they will securely and confidentially manage your purchase, working to get you the best results at all times
  • You can see what’s going on and manage the legal work on your purchase online via your dashboard and email, 24 hours a day - so you won’t need to take time off work for anything

Working quickly and securely

The Juno legal team working for your seller has already done a lot of the preparatory work for them. The information is ready for your legal team to use the moment you sign up with Juno - you’ve got a head start!

Because we work in teams, at Juno, you never have to worry about your lawyer going on holiday or being unexpectedly off sick. There’s always someone on your team moving your purchase along.

We’re approved to represent buyers and sellers at the same time by our legal regulator, the Council for Licenced Conveyancers. So everything is safe and sound.

Help us to meet the four-week target

To be ready to exchange contracts in four weeks, we’ll need from you within three weeks of your signing up:

  • the documents we need to verify your identity and how you’ll be paying for the property
  • a satisfactory survey on the property you’re buying (if you’re planning to get a survey)
  • a final mortgage offer (if you’re using a mortgage)

We expect to be ready to exchange contracts within four weeks when we meet these conditions. If we uncover an unexpectedly complex legal issue as your purchase progresses, we’ll work with you, your seller and the estate agent to resolve it as quickly as we can. We’ll let everyone know right away if we find something that could take a little more time to resolve.

If you’re selling another property

We can do the legal work on your sale and we can also do the legal work for your buyer, to speed things up even more.

Get onboard for a faster purchase

If you’ve already got a quote from us via email, just click on the link in it to sign up with us.

If you didn’t get a quote via email, call us on 020 3856 3339.

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