Junior developer

Join a supportive, collaborative team transforming the legal industry.

About Juno

At Juno we use technology and user-centric service design to make the legal side of home buying simpler, clearer and faster. We help thousands of people to buy, sell and remortgage their home each year, with a stress-free, highly-automated, online experience underpinned by our cloud based process automation platform.

That approach has seen us grow tremendously. Our revenue has tripled year-on-year, and we’ve carved out a reputation as user-centric innovators within legal and property sectors. Most importantly, our clients love what we do.

Today, we help hundreds of people in the UK move home every month, served through our regulated English law firm. Over the next 18 months we will expand the scope and scale of services we offer, supporting thousands of people to handle a growing range of major life events.

We’re creating an entirely new class of law firm from the ground up. No-one else is thinking about legal services the way we are (trust us – we’ve checked). Come join us!

Our team

We’ve built a close-knit team of attentive, skilled developers, working alongside inquisitive and committed legal experts. We work remotely, all over the UK and in mainland Europe, and we come from a huge variety of backgrounds. Our founding team created www.gov.uk and the tools that power theguardian.com, so we know a few things about building high quality, large scale digital services.

We work hard to make Juno a great place to work. We regularly take stock of how things are going for every team – and learn from what people share.

That feedback has helped us become more transparent, better-connected, and it’s helped us make more fundamental changes, like working with parents and carers to support bespoke work hours.

Within the product and platform team you’ll find a supportive, collaborative environment, where everyone has the power to shape how our services work.

The role

As one of our developers you will be joining the team that builds, maintains, and configures our legal automation platform.

The platform consists of an in-house configuration language that runs on top of a core python engine. This allows us to develop reusable python components to automate legal processes and then use the configuration layer to orchestrate when these run and how they integrate with dynamic tools used by our legal team.

As one of our junior developers, you will:

  • automate specific aspects of the legal work involved in buying, selling or remortgaging a property, using the toolkit and programming language we’ve built to model and automate legal work
  • iterate our self-service online tools for clients, so we can help our clients understand what’s going on and take action to move the process forward
  • integrate new mortgage lenders and referral partnerships into our platform, building out bespoke workflows as needed
  • suggest, implement, test and support new approaches for automating and transforming legal and operational work
  • build internal tools for our lawyers, paralegals and operational specialists, predominantly in python and our bespoke legal automation language (JSON-based)
  • support internal users, fielding bug reports and feature requests in real-time through Slack to ensure our tools are clear and reliable

Once you’re on board you’ll start on internal support, picking up bugs as they’re reported in real-time to get comfortable with our tools and code base. We expect you to ship live code to production within a day or two of joining, and make a real difference to our external clients and internal users right away.

Who we’re looking for

We want to see candidates who have a bias for making things, especially for automation. Part of the interview process involves a portfolio review: you’ll be able to bring to that a project you’ve worked on and be able to talk in detail about how it works, what your motivations were, and why you settled on a particular approach.

We want people who are used to talking to end users about the tools they need. A big part of the role is about taking feedback onboard, internalising it, and thinking about how to build things that don’t just patch problems, but make them disappear entirely.

We don’t have specific qualifications in mind, but we do need you to have experience turning complex processes into code. That might have been in a previous role, on a personal project or as part of a degree.

We’re looking for applicants who are interested in new fields, both in terms of the work you do and the services you support. We’re expanding into new markets while expanding the scope and scale of the tools we build: we’ll want to hear from people who are excited by that prospect.


  • Competitive salary package including growth shares, so your efforts are rewarded as the company grows
  • 25 days of annual leave a year, plus UK public holidays
  • Employer pension contribution (3% of salary)
  • Access to Spill, a remote therapy service any member of the team can use in complete confidence to get mental health support
  • A culture open to innovation and new approaches
  • A company welcoming remote employees since day 1, not just since the pandemic

How to apply

Email recruitment@juno.legal with a copy of your CV and a covering letter explaining why you’d be great for the role.