Want to talk to us?

Email us at hello@juno.legal or call 020 3856 3339 to have a chat with our friendly team about how it all works.

Easy to get started

With Juno, you can sign up in 5 minutes on your phone or laptop, and we’ll get started right away.

With most lawyers, it takes weeks of emails, phone calls and letters just to start work.

You’ll always know what’s going on

With Juno, we send you a straightforward email the moment anything important happens.

With most lawyers, no-one tells you what’s happening for days at a time, and you can’t get through to anyone helpful on the phone.

No completion, no fee

With Juno, if the sale falls through – for any reason – you don’t have to pay our legal fee.

With most lawyers, if the sale falls through, you’ll still get sent the bill.

Fair prices with no hidden extras

With Juno, we agree the price up-front with no hidden extras.

With most lawyers, your quote might look cheap, but the true cost is often hidden in the small print.

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