Mortgage Broker referrals

These are the terms of business for our mortgage broker referrals. They’re the rules you – a mortgage broker with a unique referral link supplied by Juno – agree to when you use that unique referral link to refer a client to Juno.

They apply whether you use the link to send a quote for conveyancing to a potential Juno client, or to instruct Juno directly to act for a client.

We reserve the right to update these terms of business as needed, and if we do that we’ll give you as much notice as possible. If we update these terms of business, the previous terms of business will apply to any referrals made under the old terms of business.

Who we are

  • We’re ‘Juno Property Lawyers Limited’, which is registered at 43–51 New North Road, London, N1 6LU, United Kingdom. We’ll refer to ourselves as ‘Juno’

How it works

  • Mortgage brokers can share details of their clients with Juno via a simple online tool, accessed via their unique referral link.
  • We use the phrase Mortgage Broker referrals to describe the use of this tool, whether a broker has asked Juno to send a quote to a potential client, or used it to instruct Juno directly to act on behalf of a client.
  • Before you refer someone to Juno, you must get their consent to share their personal information with us.
  • Before you instruct Juno to act for someone you must have their consent to do so.
  • You agree that the consent you get will: allow us to contact them by phone and email in order to promote our services; cover only the personal information required to complete our referral form; be sufficient to comply with your obligations under the GDPR.
  • We agree that we will only use the personal information you provide to us in order to promote our services and not for any other purpose.
  • You’re free to use your unique referral link to get a quote for anyone who might need a conveyancer to work on the sale, purchase or remortgage of a residential property in England or Wales (a “transaction”), although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take on every referral as a client.
  • By virtue of your acceptance of these terms, you grant us permission to mention you or your organisation in a list of participating brokers that we may publish on our website and/or may share directly with prospective referral partners, investors and lenders. If we do not act for any clients referred by you in a 60 day period then this permission will automatically lapse and we will remove your organisation from this list.

Payment of referral fees

  • We may offer to pay a referral fee for some Mortgage Broker referrals when we complete a transaction for a client you’ve referred to us. We call this a “referral deal”. Such arrangements are time-limited offers, which we have the right to change at any time. (If we do change the specifics of a referral deal we’ve shared with you then we’ll try to give you as much notice as possible.)
  • Your referral fee will only be due when the client successfully completes the relevant transaction. For example, if you refer someone to us who’s remortgaging a property, but their mortgage lender refuses to lend on the property, then you won’t be eligible for this fee. But you will get your referral fee if they stick with Juno and they complete their remortgage on a later date with a different lender.
  • If you are eligible for a referral fee we’ll send this for payment once we’ve received an invoice from you, following the instructions of the Juno Finance team. These instructions will be sent to you not more than 30 days following the completion of your first case referred in this way. If you’re VAT registered, we’ll need a full VAT invoice.
  • We’ll only pay a referral fee on transactions referred using your unique referral link.
  • If the person you referred is already signed up with Juno, you won’t be eligible for a referral fee for this transaction.
  • If you don’t want to receive a referral fee, please let us know.

Restrictions on use of referral links

  • Transactions created as a result of a mortgage broker referral cannot take advantage of any other offers or discounts. We make no guarantees that we can act for you or any person you refer to us.
  • You can refer as many clients as you like and there’s no limit on the value you can receive from successful referrals. However, we do ask that you don’t make false statements about Juno or your relationship to us, and that you don’t include your referral link in paid-for advertising.
  • We reserve the right to disable your referral link or change the underlying referral deal if you do anything we’ve asked you not to do, or for any other reason.

Liability for taxes due on referral income

  • Mortgage broker referral links are allocated per organisation, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, and should not be shared outside of that organisation. Any referral fees you earn from us can’t be transferred to anyone else, and you’re responsible for declaring any taxable income that arises to the relevant authorities and paying any taxes owed.

No obligation to take on referrals

  • We have the right to refuse your referrals at our sole discretion.
  • It’s up to us whether we contact your referrals.
  • We are not required to give you notice if we wish to stop accepting referrals from you.
  • Occasionally we may find (after starting work) that we’re unable to continue working on one of your referred transactions. If this happens we will let you know, but we may not be able to tell you the reason (for example, if a client is suspected of money laundering).


  • English law applies to all of our client referral deals. By sharing your referral code you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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