Using this site

On this page you can find out about how this website works, and how we collect and use data as we work

Juno Property Lawyers Limited is a law firm based in London, England. We run this website and a number of services that support our work.

Please remember, the information on our website isn’t legal advice. We’ll only give legal advice to people who have agreed that we can act as their solicitors.

How we use data

We use several third party services to help us do our job. We’ll list those services here, and add links to their own data policies wherever possible.

We’re registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller. Our ICO number is ZA245867.

If you’ve got any questions, or want to know more about data we may have collected about you, email

How we use data about visitors to

We run our website and applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve signed an agreement with them in which they promise only to use hardware based in EU countries. Read their terms of service to find out what information AWS records and how it processes data.

We make use of Google Fonts on our site. Read their terms of service to find out if they record any information about visitors who see those fonts displayed.

We’re required to display a badge verifying our registration with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). The CLC badge is provided via the service Yoshki (read their data policy to understand if they record any information who sees it).

We track visitors to our website using the following services:

How we use data about people who request a quote

Juno staff use information about people who request a quote from us in order to give them an accurate quote and get in touch with them about our service. We may be asked to hand over some of this information to our regulators and official bodies. We will never do this lightly.

In addition, we store this information in some of the services listed elsewhere on this page. Check their privacy policies to understand how they use data.

We use Google Workspace and a number of bespoke apps we’ve produced to process data we receive about people looking for a quote. To find out what information Google Workspace records and how it processes data, read their privacy policy. The bespoke apps we’ve built are run using AWS (see above for more information).

We use Front to access messages and manage our inbox. Read their privacy policy.

We use also use services to get leads for people looking for conveyancing services. These services will send us contact details for people who have requested a quote, and information relevant to providing an accurate quote.

We keep information about people who request a quote for a limited time, after which we delete that lead. If you used a referral service, that service will have its own policy for the storage and retention of that data.

We use Aircall to contact customers and potential customers. To find out what information they record about users and how they process data, read their terms of use).

How we use data about people who appoint us as their solicitors

People who want to use our services to buy and/or sell a property agree to specific terms of service when they sign up. This contains specific information about how we process information, who can see it, and how long we store it. In addition The Council for Licensed Conveyancers specify some of ways we need to store, process and make available information relating to our work and our clients. Read more about that in their handbook.

Documents our clients send to us will be scanned and processed using Google Workspace and our own tools, which are run using Amazon Web Services (as described above). Along with the information submitted as part of using our services, we keep a record of every contact related to our cases (including emails and telephone calls). We do this so we can refer back to it as each case progresses, and in case we’re asked to share that information with relevant authorities.