What’s included in our fixed fee?

Our quote covers everything you need. Here’s what’s included:

  • Legal work on your sale, purchase or remortgage
  • VAT
  • Bank transfers
  • ID checks
  • Handling your mortgage
  • Land Registry documents
  • Regular email updates
  • Telephone support
  • Mail to our Freepost address

If you’re buying, your quote also includes:

  • Searches: local, water and drainage, and environmental reports
  • Claiming your Help to Buy or Lifetime ISA bonus
  • Filing your Stamp Duty tax return
  • Chancel liability insurance
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Land Registry ‘official search with priority’

If you’re remortgaging, your quote also includes

  • No-search indemnity insurance (if your lender accepts it, this is much quicker and usually also cheaper than ordering searches)
  • Searches (if your lender does not accept no-search indemnity insurance)
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Land Registry ‘official search with priority’

Just so you know, if the property has a managing agent, they’ll probably make you pay some fees. Talk to your managing agent for more information.