Selling a home with Juno – how it works

So you’ve accepted an offer and you’re selling your place – congratulations!

We also have guides to buying and remortgaging.

How much will it cost?

To find out how much it’ll cost, get a quote — it takes seconds and you can sign up right away.

How long will it take?

According to Rightmove, the industry average from offer to completion is 22 weeks. Juno’s average is quite a bit faster at 13 weeks.

Freehold and chain-free properties are usually faster than leaseholds and chains. (Houses are usually freehold, and flats are almost always leasehold).

Solicitor or conveyancer?

Solicitors, conveyancers and legal executives are all qualified to do conveyancing.

Solicitors are regulated by the SRA, conveyancers are regulated by the CLC, and legal executives are regulated by CILEx.

How conveyancing works

Here are the eight steps to conveyancing when selling a house.

📝 1. Sign up

The first thing is to tell us about you and the place you’re selling, and do your ID checks. With Juno you can do all this online.

📑 2. Contract pack

We’ll draft a contract, obtain the Land Registry records for the property, and send everything across to the buyer’s lawyer.

📋 3. Property information forms

We’ll ask you to provide detailed information and documents for the property you’re selling. With Juno you can do this all online. We’ll check over everything you provide and send it to the buyer’s lawyer.

📊 4. Management pack

If your property has a service charge, you’ll need to ask your management company to provide a pack of information and documents to show that the property is properly managed, and we’ll send this across to the buyer’s lawyer.

🧾 5. Mortgage statements

If you’ve got a mortgage or loan secured on the property, we’ll get hold of repayment statements.

🙋 6. Enquiries

The buyer’s lawyer will review everything we send over, and will usually ask us to clarify some points. Sometimes we’ll need input from you or the management company if there is one. It usually takes a few weeks to resolve all the enquiries; leaseholds typically take a bit longer.

🤝 7. Exchange

You and the buyer have agreed the date you want to move, and signed your contracts in advance. We exchange contracts with the buyer’s lawyer on a phone call. You’re committed to selling the property.

🎉 8. Completion

When completion day arrives, we make sure we’ve received all the money and you make sure you’ve completely moved out of the property. The buyers pick up the keys, and after paying off any mortgages or loans, we transfer the rest of the money to you, or use it for your new purchase.

What next?

Choose Juno for conveyancing that’s simpler, clearer and faster.