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Conveyancing in Chester

At the heart of the fertile region of Cheshire, Chester is a historically rich city dating back to Roman times, with plenty of charm and character to offer its residents. Whether you’re considering buying or selling property in this picturesque area, the conveyancing process is a crucial part of making your English or Welsh dream a reality. With Juno, your online conveyancing partner, you can confidently navigate this process, as we bring extensive local knowledge coupled with the efficiency of modern technology.

Why Choose Juno for Your Conveyancing Needs?

  1. Speedy Service: At Juno, we understand your time is precious. That’s why our conveyancing service is systematically faster, completing your transaction in just 12 weeks on average – that’s 8 weeks quicker than the national average!
  2. Transparent Communication: Through our online dashboard and weekly email updates, you’re always in the loop about the progression of your case.
  3. Friendly, Responsive Support: We have a dedicated team at your disposal, achieving a 95% first-time call answer rate, ready to respond to your queries and give you that personal touch.
  4. Instant, Accurate Pricing: We believe in transparency, offering you instant quotes with no hidden fees.
  5. Convenience and Security: Go paperless and manage your case online. From ID checks to contract e-signatures, everything can be done from the comfort of your home through our secure, easy-to-use client dashboard.
  6. Risk-free transactions: With our ‘no completion, no fee’ policy for sales, coupled with our ‘second chance guarantee’ for purchases, you’re always protected.
  7. Exceptional Reputation: With 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, Juno is trusted by thousands of clients each year.

The Benefits of an Online Conveyancer

Choosing an online conveyancer not only offers the convenience of managing your case from anywhere (all you need is your mobile phone!) but also ensures a seamless, efficient experience. Juno’s national expertise empowers you with best-in-class service, regardless of your location.

There’s no need to visit an office in person - all documents can be sent, signed and stored online, saving you time and effort. This digital convenience extends to ID checks and contract e-signatures, making the entire process hassle-free and eco-friendly.

With Juno, you can enjoy the benefits of local knowledge with the comprehensive coverage of a national firm. Our experienced, expert team is just a call away, combining the technological expertise behind platforms like GOV.UK and The Guardian websites with in-depth residential property law knowledge. And rest assured, as we’re regulated by the CLC, you can expect a high standard of service, always.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying a property work with Juno conveyancing?

Buying a property in Chester works in several stages.

  1. Sign-Up: Start by creating your Juno account.
  2. Mortgage and Funding: Confirm your mortgage and funding arrangements.
  3. Search Reports: We order and review searches on your chosen property.
  4. Contract Pack: We receive a draft contract, the Land Registry records, and a pack of information provided by the seller’s lawyer.
  5. Survey: We always recommend that our clients obtain a property survey, in addition to any mortgage valuation.
  6. Enquiries: Based on the search results and details in the Contract Pack, we request any necessary clarifications or fixes from the seller’s lawyer.
  7. Report: We prepare a final report summarising our findings.
  8. Exchange: The contracts are legally exchanged.
  9. Completion: You formally take ownership of the property.
  10. Registration: We ensure your ownership is registered with the Land Registry.

How does selling a property work with Juno conveyancing?

The steps for selling a property with Juno:

  1. Sign-Up: Begin by getting set up with a Juno account.
  2. Contract Pack: We start by drafting a contract, obtaining land registry records and sending it to the buyer’s lawyer.
  3. Property Information Forms: You can provide the required detailed information and documents about your property online through our Juno platform. We’ll review these and forward them to the buyer’s lawyer.
  4. Management Pack: If your property is a leasehold, this pack is requested from your management company.
  5. Mortgage Statements: Your mortgage details are taken into consideration.
  6. Enquiries: Any queries from buyers are addressed.
  7. Exchange: The contracts are legally exchanged between parties.
  8. Completion: The conveyancing process concludes with the legal completion of the property sale.

How long does it take for conveyancing in Chester?

On average, conveyancing can take about 20 weeks. However, with Juno, we’re proud to say that we’re considerably faster! On average, our transactions are completed in just 12 weeks for freehold properties. Please bear in mind, leasehold transactions can take longer due to the need to correspond with management companies. If both parties opt for Juno conveyancing, we often shave another 2-3 weeks off.

What are the usual searches in conveyancing?

The key searches involved in conveyancing involve local authority checks, environmental surveys and water & drainage reports. These are important in ensuring the property is free from any potential liabilities that could affect ownership.

As a buyer, what should I know about purchasing a home in Chester?

Buying a home in Chester comes with its unique aspects. Chester is a historical city noted for its Roman and medieval architecture. When buying older or listed properties, pay close attention to the property survey to understand potential structural issues. Property prices here tend to be higher than the national average, reflecting Chester’s desirable location and quality of life.

What documents are needed to buy a house?

To buy a property, you’ll need to provide your photo ID (for example, a passport or driving license), proof of funds which usually comes from bank statements, and your mortgage offer.

What documents are needed to sell a house?

In order to sell a property, you would need to provide, at a minimum, your photo ID (either a passport or driving licence) and the details of your mortgage. Throughout the process, Juno’s legal team will guide you through compiling or finding the other required documents such as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), property information forms TA6 and TA10, leasehold management packs, and others.

What counts as proof of funds when buying a house?

Proof of funds usually entails providing recent bank statements or savings accounts displaying enough funds to cover the purchase price and any related costs.

What factors can delay the conveyancing process?

Delays in the conveyancing process can be caused by several factors including delays from the other party’s side, a backlog at the local authority causing a delay in search results, or complications uncovered during the searching and surveying process.

Do I need to physically meet my Juno conveyancer?

No, there’s no need for you to meet us in person. All documents can be sent, signed and stored online, making the entire process seamless, efficient and eco-friendly. Our process saves you time and effort. Our experienced, expert team is just a call away, or you can liaise with us via your secure, easy-to-use client dashboard.

How much does conveyancing cost in Chester?

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Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot


I had tried other conveyancers but was not very impressed. Like everyone the internet was next and Juno came up. Checked the reviews and they were positive. So I used them for the sale of my house. I am very impressed with them and the dashboard they use. They kept me up to date with the total experience. Very reasonably priced.

Pete on TrustPilot


We were a bit nervous about who to use but Juno made everything so easy with their Dashboard that tells you exactly where you are in the process, meaning you never have to chase them for an update. All the actions they had to take were taken within 24h, which was great as we were keen to complete the sale fast.

Marie-Hélène on TrustPilot


Best customer service I have received ever! Process was made simple, fast, conveyancing team knew what they were doing and the rest of the team always answered any question extremely fast. The dashboard system meant that we would receive regular updates without even needing to ask!

Rebecca on TrustPilot

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