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Conveyancing in East London

East London presents a vibrant, diverse portion of the capital best known for its rich history, thriving markets and modern skyscrapers. Purchasing property in this area, be that a stylish warehouse conversion in Shoreditch or riverside luxury in Canary Wharf, requires efficient and reliable conveyancing - the legal work that goes into transferring property ownership. For this, there’s no better partner than Juno.

Why trust Juno with your East London conveyancing needs

  1. Quicker process: With a process that’s 8 weeks faster than the UK average, we ensure you can move in or sell off your property within an optimum timeline.
  2. Transparent and instant quoting: We grant you upfront quotations with no hidden fees, providing complete clarity about your legal costs.
  3. Proactive updates: Every week, you’ll receive an email update of the progression of your case. You can also log into the dashboard at any time to check progress.
  4. Amiable support: Our team is always readily available to answer calls and provide assistance, ensuring you’re never left hanging.
  5. Reliable services: We have a Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5 - a testament to our top-notch service confirmed by thousands each year.
  6. Second Chance Guarantee: In case your first property purchase falls through, we safeguard your money by crediting it towards a second attempt.
  7. Fee only on successful completion in sales: With Juno, you only pay when the sale of a property is completed. There are no case opening fees or disbursements.

The Juno Online Advantage

Compared to traditional, local conveyancers, an online firm offers unmatched convenience and efficiency. Juno combines national expertise with the convenience of an easy-to-use online dashboard that is accessible round the clock. You can keep track of your process, respond to queries and even complete identification checks and contract e-signatures without the need to print or deliver physical documents. The power to buy or sell a property in vibrant East London is quite literally at your fingertips. Moreover, Juno’s extensive local knowledge and national coverage ensure you receive an expert, region-specific service no matter where you are in England and Wales. The fact that all of Juno’s processes are monitored and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers guarantees a high standard of service, making your property buying or selling journey smooth, efficient, and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the conveyancing process work for buying a property in East London?

The conveyancing process for buying a property follows these steps:

  1. Sign-Up: Begin by signing up with Juno.
  2. Mortgage and Funding: Secure your mortgage and funding.
  3. Search Reports: We’ll order and review the searches for you.
  4. Contract Pack: The seller’s lawyer provides us with a draft contract, the Land Registry records for the property, and a pack of information.
  5. Survey: We recommend all clients arrange for a survey, beyond just a mortgage valuation.
  6. Enquiries: Any legal issues with the property are clarified or corrected.
  7. Report: Everything is compiled into a comprehensive report that’s sent to you.
  8. Exchange: A contract is legally agreed upon and a completion date decided.
  9. Completion: The purchase is finalised and the home is yours.
  10. Registration: Your ownership is officially registered.

How does the conveyancing process work for selling a property in East London?

The conveyancing process of selling a property follows these steps:

  1. Sign-Up: Begin by signing up with Juno.
  2. Contract Pack: We’ll draft a contract, obtain the property’s Land Registry records, and send this to the buyer’s lawyer.
  3. Property Information Forms: All pertinent documents and details related to the property are collected from you online and reviewed, before sending them to the buyer’s lawyer.
  4. Management Pack: If your property is a leasehold, you’ll request this from your management company.
  5. Mortgage Statements: These detail the outstanding balance on your mortgage.
  6. Enquiries: Any queries from the buyer’s lawyer are resolved.
  7. Exchange: Contracts are exchanged, legally binding the sale.
  8. Completion: The sale is finalised and the proceeds are remitted to you.

How long does conveyancing take in East London?

While the national average is 20 weeks, Juno significantly speeds this up, averaging a considerably quicker 12 weeks to completion on a freehold property. Leasehold properties may take longer due to the need to correspond with management companies. Properties where both the seller and purchaser hire Juno are usually completed 2-3 weeks quicker.

What searches are involved in conveyancing?

In conveyancing, we carry out several important searches, including local authority checks, environmental inspections, and water and drainage searches.

What issues should buyers consider when purchasing a home in East London?

Buyers in East London should thoroughly consider the area’s rich history, diverse culture, and residential trends. As East London offers a mix of historic buildings and modern constructions, obtaining an expert survey to identify any potential structural problems is key. Juno’s thorough conveyancing process can help unearth any local planning or environmental concerns.

What documents do I need to buy a house?

You’ll need a form of photo ID such as a passport or driving license, proof of funds detailed in bank statements, and your mortgage offer.

What documents do I need to sell a house?

A valid form of photo ID like a passport or driving license, along with details of your mortgage, are needed to sell a house. Other required documents, such as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), property information form TA6 and TA10, and leasehold management packs, will be handled by Juno’s elite legal team.

Why should I choose Juno for conveyancing in East London?

Juno offers a seamless, straightforward conveyancing process that is typically 8 weeks faster than the UK average. We also provide weekly email updates on your case, ensuring you are kept informed of your progress.

What is the Second Chance Guarantee?

The Second Chance Guarantee protects your money if your first property purchase falls through. We credit any money paid towards your second attempt, ensuring you won’t be negatively financially impacted.

How much does conveyancing cost in East London?

Use our online tool to get an instant quote for conveyancing below:

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Do everything online, including ID checks and e-signatures on contract documents

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Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot


Best customer service I have received ever! Process was made simple, fast, conveyancing team knew what they were doing and the rest of the team always answered any question extremely fast. The dashboard system meant that we would receive regular updates without even needing to ask!

Rebecca on TrustPilot


Juno has an online portal updating you every step of the way, it was so convenient and we received emails when there was something for us to do. Their portal is where all the required forms are completed and electronically signed. If we needed to call them our phone calls were answered quickly and if not they will call you back!

Hannah on TrustPilot


We were a bit nervous about who to use but Juno made everything so easy with their Dashboard that tells you exactly where you are in the process, meaning you never have to chase them for an update. All the actions they had to take were taken within 24h, which was great as we were keen to complete the sale fast.

Marie-Hélène on TrustPilot

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