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Conveyancing in Southampton

Southampton, the bustling maritime city steeped in history and surrounded by the natural beauty of the New Forest and the South Downs, is a popular location for new home buyers. Navigating the property market here, with its diverse range of properties from new builds in Ocean Village to Victorian homes in Portswood, requires specialist knowledge and experience. Here is where conveyancing, the legal process of buying or selling property, plays a crucial role.

Why Choose Juno for Your Southampton Conveyancing Needs?

  1. Simpler and Faster Process - At Juno, we average 8 weeks faster than the 20-week UK average in completing conveyancing, making your move to or from Southampton quicker and seamless.
  2. Online Convenience - Track progression and respond to queries anytime via our mobile-friendly online dashboard. Our system allows for online ID checks and contract e-signatures, offering a hassle-free experience.
  3. Transparent and Reasonable Pricing - Get an instant quote for our services, guaranteed with no hidden costs.
  4. Proactive Updates and Support - We provide weekly email updates on the progression of your case and 95% of our calls get an immediate response. Any missed call? We ring you back promptly.
  5. Second Chance and No Completion No Fee Guarantees - As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer a Second Chance Guarantee on purchases and a no completion, no fee policy on sales.
  6. Outstanding Reputation - We are proud to be highly rated on TrustPilot, and our team of experienced property lawyers and tech experts, who have built GOV.UK and The Guardian websites, are at your service.
  7. Nationwide Expertise with Local Insight - Juno provides national coverage whilst maintaining a focus on residential transactions in England and Wales, bridging local knowledge with national expertise.

The Benefits of an Online Conveyancer over a Local Firm

In the digital world, online conveyancing firms, providing services irrespective of your location, promise efficiency and ease. With Juno, you can manage the entire process via your mobile phone - driving convenience and saving you precious time from printing documents or visiting an office physically.

The added advantage of national expertise means that we understand the distinctive aspects of the property market across England and Wales, so we’re ready to tackle any challenges that may arise during your property transaction. We assure secure yet easy access to legal advice, progress updates, and the convenience of electronic signatures, making selling or buying a property in Southampton, or anywhere else for that matter, a stress-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the conveyancing process work for buying a property in Southampton?

The conveyancing process on a purchase can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Sign-Up: You’ll start the process by signing up with Juno.
  2. Mortgage and Funding: Secure your mortgage and fund your property purchase.
  3. Search Reports: We’ll order and review the search reports for you.
  4. Contract Pack: The seller’s lawyer sends us a draft contract, the Land Registry records for the property, and a pack of information provided by the seller.
  5. Survey: We recommend all our clients to get a survey, in addition to any mortgage valuation.
  6. Enquiries: We’ll contact the seller’s lawyer to clarify and/or fix any legal issues with the property.
  7. Report: You’ll receive a report on our findings.
  8. Exchange: You will then exchange contracts with the seller.
  9. Completion: Once everything is satisfactory, the purchase will complete.
  10. Registration: Finally, we’ll register the property in your name.

How does the conveyancing process work for selling a home in Southampton?

Selling a property involves these main steps:

  1. Sign Up: Register with Juno to start the process.
  2. Contract Pack: We’ll draft a contract, obtain land registry records, and send it across to the buyer’s lawyer.
  3. Property Information Forms: You’ll provide detailed information and documents for the property you’re selling via our online system, which we’ll review and send to the buyer’s lawyer.
  4. Management Pack: If you’re selling a leasehold, request a management pack from your management company.
  5. Mortgage Statements: Secure your mortgage statements.
  6. Enquiries: Answer any enquiries that might come from the buyer.
  7. Exchange: Exchange contracts with the buyer.
  8. Completion: Once everything is ready, the sale will complete.

How long does conveyancing take in Southampton?

Although the national average for conveyancing is 20 weeks, Juno completes this process 8 weeks faster on average, so typically 12 weeks for a freehold. If a seller and a buyer both use Juno for a transaction, we usually complete the transaction 2-3 weeks faster. Please note that leaseholds often require more time, as lawyers have to communicate with a management company.

What searches are involved in conveyancing?

The main searches carried out during the conveyancing process are local authority checks, environmental enquiries, and water & drainage searches.

What issues should buyers consider when purchasing a home in Southampton?

Southampton is a desirable city with a diverse range of properties. Buyers should consider factors such as the type of property (e.g. new build, Victorian home), the surrounding area, proximity to amenities and their potential commute. The specific property’s history, any potential environmental factors and the results from property searches should also be carefully examined.

What documents do I need to buy a house in Southampton?

You’ll need a photo ID (like a passport or driving licence), a proof of your funds (such as your bank statements), and your mortgage offer when buying a property.

What documents do I need to sell my house in Southampton?

To sell a house, you will need a photo ID (like a passport or driving licence) and details of your mortgage. Our legal team at Juno will guide you through creating or finding other required documents such as the Energy Performance Certificate, property information forms (TA6 and TA10), leasehold management packs, and so on.

What areas does Juno cover?

While Juno provides national coverage, we maintain a keen focus on residential transactions in England and Wales. Hence if you’re buying or selling property anywhere in these regions, we can assist!

Why should I choose online conveyancing over local firms?

One major benefit of online conveyancing firms like Juno is time efficiency. You can manage the whole process via our mobile-friendly online dashboard from wherever you are in the country. National expertise means that our team understands the unique aspects of property markets across England and Wales, including Southampton. This effectively helps us tackle any challenges that may arise during your property transaction.

Is it safe to use an online conveyancer?

Yes, online conveyancing is safe. At Juno, we ensure all your data is processed and stored securely. All households are required by law to obtain appropriate legal advice, which we provide online in a secure manner. This enables you to track the progress of your transactions, respond to queries, and execute contracts electronically.

How much does conveyancing cost in Southampton?

Use our online tool to get an instant quote for conveyancing below:

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Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot


I had tried other conveyancers but was not very impressed. Like everyone the internet was next and Juno came up. Checked the reviews and they were positive. So I used them for the sale of my house. I am very impressed with them and the dashboard they use. They kept me up to date with the total experience. Very reasonably priced.

Pete on TrustPilot


Juno has an online portal updating you every step of the way, it was so convenient and we received emails when there was something for us to do. Their portal is where all the required forms are completed and electronically signed. If we needed to call them our phone calls were answered quickly and if not they will call you back!

Hannah on TrustPilot


Amazing service overall - used Juno for the purchase of my property and will definitely recommend to friends and family. The team made the entire process easy and I really like their online portal which allows you to track the work being done.

Daniel on TrustPilot

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