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Conveyancing in Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells, a beautiful and historic town in Kent, England, is an excellent place to call home. Known for the iconic The Pantiles, a Georgian colonnade lined with boutiques, and its beautiful parks and gardens, Tunbridge Wells is truly a jewel in the heart of Kent. At Juno, we appreciate the value of this town and its property market, making us your finest choice for conveyancing services in Tunbridge Wells.

Why Choose Juno for Conveyancing

Here’s why Juno should be your top choice:

  1. Our efficient processes: We simplify the conveyancing process, helping you save time. We are known for being faster than our competitors, completing transactions 8 weeks quicker on average.
  2. Transparent Pricing: With Juno, you can expect no hidden costs. We provide instant quotes online or via phone, guaranteeing our legal fees upfront.
  3. Online Convenience: Our digital platform streamlines the process, allowing you to track progress, respond to queries and even undergo ID checks and contract e-signing online.
  4. Weekly Updates: We provide regular proactive updates through email so you’re always in the know.
  5. Second Chance Guarantee: If your first property purchase falls through, we will credit your fees towards a second attempt.
  6. No Completion, No Fee: You only pay once your sale is successfully completed.
  7. Trust and Expertise: We are highly rated on Trustpilot and are approved by all major UK lenders.

Benefits of an Online Conveyancing Firm

As an online conveyancing firm, we offer some unique benefits over traditional local conveyancers:

  • National Expertise: Our team of legal and tech experts not only understand the property laws across England and Wales, but also built GOV.UK and The Guardian websites, bringing a wealth of skill and experience to your service.
  • Ease of Access: There’s no need for you to print documents or visit our office in person. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, you can do it all using just your mobile phone.
  • Friendly and Effective Support: We pride ourselves on our phone support, answering 95% of calls first time and prioritising call-backs when a call is missed. This way, you always have someone you can speak to.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Our digital processes translate to less paper, favouring a greener and more sustainable way of doing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the conveyancing process work for buying a property in Tunbridge Wells?

The conveyancing process at Juno for buying a property follows these steps:

  1. Sign-Up with us.
  2. Secure your Mortgage and Funding.
  3. We order and review Search Reports.
  4. The seller’s lawyer sends us a Contract Pack, which includes a draft contract, Land Registry records for the property, and a pack of information provided by the seller.
  5. We recommend all our clients to get a Survey, in addition to any mortgage valuation.
  6. We submit Enquiries to the seller’s lawyer to clarify and/or fix any legal issues with the property.
  7. A Report detailing the review of the searches and contract will be provided.
  8. Exchange of contracts.
  9. Completion of the sale.
  10. Registration of the new ownership at the Land Registry.

How does the conveyancing process work for selling a property in Tunbridge Wells?

If you’re selling a property, the conveyancing process at Juno involves:

  1. Signing Up with us.
  2. We’ll prepare the Contract Pack, including Land Registry records, and send it to the buyer’s lawyer.
  3. You’ll need to complete Property Information Forms. With Juno, you can do this all online. We’ll then check everything you provide and send it to the buyer’s lawyer.
  4. If you’re selling a leasehold, you’ll request a Management Pack from your management company.
  5. Arrange for up-to-date Mortgage Statements.
  6. Responding to Enquiries from the buyer’s lawyer.
  7. Exchange of contracts.
  8. Completion of the sale.

How long does conveyancing take in Tunbridge Wells?

The national average for conveyancing is 20 weeks, but at Juno, we average an impressive 12 weeks to completion on a freehold property - that’s 8 weeks faster than the national average! Please note that leaseholds can take longer due to correspondence with management companies. And if both seller and purchaser use Juno for the same transaction, we usually shave off a further 2-3 weeks.

What searches are involved in conveyancing?

The main searches involved in conveyancing are local authority checks, environmental searches and water & drainage searches. This process helps identify any issues with the property that may affect its value or your decision to buy.

What issues should buyers consider when purchasing a home in Tunbridge Wells?

When purchasing a home in Tunbridge Wells, buyers should consider the factors that contribute to the town’s elegant charm but might also affect the purchasing process. These can include the age of the property as many buildings here are listed or in conservation areas, and any specific planning restrictions the councils may have. A good conveyancer like Juno will help navigate these issues.

What documents do I need to buy a house in Tunbridge Wells?

You’ll need a photo ID (passport or driving license), proof of funds (like bank statements), and a mortgage offer if you’re applying for one.

What documents do I need to sell a house in Tunbridge Wells?

To sell a house, you’d need to provide a photo ID (passport or driving licence) and details of your mortgage. Our legal team at Juno will guide you through creating or finding the other required documents, such as Energy Performance Certificate, property information forms TA6 and TA10, leasehold management packs, and so on.

How are Juno’s services different from traditional conveyancing firms?

Juno leverages technology to make the process more efficient and time-saving, besides being eco-friendly. You won’t need to print documents or visit our office - all work can be done online using just your mobile phone. We also assure transparent pricing, regular updates, and a ‘No Completion, No Fee’ policy.

What is a leasehold property?

A leasehold property is one where the property owner owns the property for a fixed term, but not the land on which it stands. This can sometimes make the conveyancing process more complex and longer, as correspondence with a management company is often involved.

What support does Juno offer throughout the conveyancing process?

At Juno, we offer robust support throughout the conveyancing process, answering 95% of calls first time and prioritising call-backs when a call is missed. We offer a highly efficient, user-friendly online platform and provide regular proactive updates so you’re always in the loop.

How much does conveyancing cost in Tunbridge Wells?

Use our online tool to get an instant quote for conveyancing below:

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Amazing service overall - used Juno for the purchase of my property and will definitely recommend to friends and family. The team made the entire process easy and I really like their online portal which allows you to track the work being done.

Daniel on TrustPilot


I had tried other conveyancers but was not very impressed. Like everyone the internet was next and Juno came up. Checked the reviews and they were positive. So I used them for the sale of my house. I am very impressed with them and the dashboard they use. They kept me up to date with the total experience. Very reasonably priced.

Pete on TrustPilot


The updates are regular by email, the dashboard is thorough, the documentation is so easy to load and access and when you do need to speak to them you can get them on the phone and they explain things properly. All that and they are a fantastic price, unbelievable to me that the service is provided at such a low cost.

Alistair on TrustPilot

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