Reduce fall-throughs by getting buyers exchange-ready three times faster

Get the fastest results for you and your clients

  • Get ready to exchange three times faster when your vendor and their buyer both choose Juno for their conveyancing.
  • Get paid sooner, receive up to £300 per property in referral fees, and enhance your reputation with lower fall-through rates.
  • We can get most freehold houses ready to exchange in four weeks from when the buyer signs up with Juno. (Leasehold apartments usually take a few weeks longer.)
  • Separate legal teams act for vendors and buyers, working in sync to get everything done faster. Safe and secure, approved by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

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What you need to know

  • Online vendor and buyer referrals take 30 seconds
  • Referral fees paid on exchange (£150 for seller, £300 for both)
  • Detailed email updates twice per week for your sales progression team
  • Leasehold flats can take a few weeks longer, depending on circumstances
  • Some exclusions apply, including listed buildings, probate sales and areas with unusually long waiting times for local searches

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