Working for both buyer and seller

We can move more quickly by working for both you and your buyer or seller:

  • We can share information more quickly
  • You can always rely on us to make progress
  • It’s clear who needs to get the work done

Most law firms are only allowed to work for either the buyer or seller, but we’ve been given a special authorisation by our regulator the CLC, because they’re happy that our systems and processes protect your best interests.

How it works

When you sign up, we’ll ask you if you’re happy for us to also work for your buyer or seller, and if so, we’ll see if they’d also like to choose Juno.

We’ll assign a small team of lawyers and paralegals to work for you, and we’ll assign a different team to work for your buyer or seller. Our systems make sure that only the people who work for you can see your private information.

If we work for both you and your buyer or seller, we’ll aim to exchange a couple of weeks sooner than usual, but we still rely on local councils, management companies, mortgage lenders and others to help keep things moving.